In: jabber4r/protocol.rb

The Protocol module contains helper methods for constructing Jabber protocol elements and classes that implement protocol elements.


Classes and Modules

Class Jabber::Protocol::Connection
Class Jabber::Protocol::ExpatJabberParser
Class Jabber::Protocol::Iq
Class Jabber::Protocol::Message
Class Jabber::Protocol::ParsedXMLElement
  ::Class Jabber::Protocol::ParsedXMLElement::NilParsedXMLElement
Class Jabber::Protocol::Presence
Class Jabber::Protocol::REXMLJabberParser
Class Jabber::Protocol::XMLElement

Public Class methods
Parser() src

The parser to use for stream processing. The current available parsers are:

return:[Class] The parser class
gen_open_stream(host) src

Generates an open stream XML element

host:[String] The host being connected to
return:[String] The XML data to send
gen_close_stream() src

Generates an close stream XML element

return:[String] The XML data to send