Top: Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool
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Short Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. History
3. How to run configure and make
4. Introducing `Makefile's
5. A Minimal GNU Autotools Project
6. Writing `'
7. Introducing GNU Automake
8. Bootstrapping
9. A Small GNU Autotools Project
10. Introducing GNU Libtool
11. Using GNU Libtool with `' and `'
12. A Large GNU Autotools Project
13. Rolling Distribution Tarballs
14. Installing and Uninstalling Configured Packages
15. Writing Portable C with GNU Autotools
16. Writing Portable C++ with GNU Autotools
17. Dynamic Loading
18. Using GNU libltdl
19. Advanced GNU Automake Usage
20. A Complex GNU Autotools Project
21. M4
22. Writing Portable Bourne Shell
23. Writing New Macros for Autoconf
24. Migrating an Existing Package to GNU Autotools
25. Using GNU Autotools with Cygnus Cygwin
26. Cross Compilation with GNU Autotools
A. Installing GNU Autotools
C. Generated File Dependencies
D. Autoconf Macro Reference

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