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This interface if for the version 1.85 and 1.86 of Berkeley DB (for Berkeley version >= 2 see bdb)

Developers may choose to store data in any of several different storage structures to satisfy the requirements of a particular application. In database terminology, these storage structures and the code that operates on them are called access methods.

The library includes support for the following access methods:

  • B+tree: Stores keys in sorted order, using a default function that does lexicographical ordering of keys.
  • Hashing: Stores records in a hash table for fast searches based on strict equality, using a default that hashes on the key as a bit string. Extended Linear Hashing modifies the hash function used by the table as new records are inserted, in order to keep buckets underfull in the steady state.
  • Fixed and Variable-Length Records. Stores fixed- or variable-length records in sequential order.

Acces Methods