Release Notes: RealAudio Systems and Firewalls

Additional Firewall Information

Note: All links to more information require an Internet connection.

For the latest information on RealAudio systems and firewalls please see the firewall pages at the Progressive Networks Web Site.

Visit the National Computer Security Association (NCSA) web site for general information on network security.

There are also several good books on firewalls and Internet security. The following two books contain good discussions on this topic:

  • Firewalls and Internet Security: Repelling the Wily Hacker
    William R. Cheswick and Steven M. Bellovin, 1994, Addison-Wesley.

  • Internet Firewalls and Network Security
    Karanjit Siyan and Chris Hare, 1995, New Riders Publishing.

    If you have a question about RealAudio systems and firewalls that was not answered on these pages or on the Progressive Web site please feel free to fill out a Firewall Information Request form, and we will try to answer your question.

    Progressive Networks is interested in serving as a clearinghouse for RealAudio Proxy modifications and enhancements. You are encouraged you to submit comments and suggestions to for review and possible inclusion in future versions of the proxy.

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